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Premium Detail


When your vehicle needs more than just an area-specific detailing and more of an “everything clean”, call our highly-trained team of auto detail Austin experts for our Full Detail package. Our Full Detail package is typically completed in less than four hours, with some details being finished in about three and a half, depending on what needs to be tackled to get your vehicle looking its absolute best. With this package, our team tackles your whole vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out. 

For the exterior portion of your Full Detail, your vehicle will enjoy a complete outside wash and a gentle hand dry with a clean microfiber towel to protect the paint from the types of scratches that can be caused by rougher drying towels. Our car detailing Austin TX experts will also award your trusty vehicle with a high-quality sealant to help protect it from everyday scratches, so your car doesn’t end up looking like a tiger escaped from the zoo and waged war on your paint job. All your windows that face the great outdoors will be given a streak-free clean and the door jambs will be scrubbed down to whisk away any grease or dirt that has made your car their home without even thinking to offer up some rent money. Your vehicle’s tires and wheel wells will receive a comprehensive cleaning and degreasing, followed by a protective treatment to help combat rust spots and cracking. Our team of dirt wranglers isn’t done yet! Before we move on to the interior of your vehicle, your whole engine will get a complete wipe down and degreasing to help protect it from water damage, rust spots, and residue build-up. 

Premium Detail start at $349.99

The interior portion of your vehicle’s Full Detail starts with a dirt-wrangling full vacuuming for your seats, carpets, floor mats, and more to sweep away all those pesky little dust bunnies who have been reproducing and throwing a party under your seats. After vacuuming, our team of detailing specialists will also shampoo those areas as well to give an even better clean. Any dust bunnies that made their way off your floor and onto your dashboard or other surfaces are wrangled up during a complete wipe down of every surface of your interior. Then a UV protectant is added to those same surfaces to help fight back against harmful UV rays that can cause a multitude of problems for your vehicle’s interior and also add a little bit of shine to your car to give it that coveted new car appearance even after years of owning it. To wrap up the interior portion of your car’s Full Detail, our team will tackle the stains, dust, and other undesirable things messing up your overhead liner with a good spot cleaning.

The best feature of our Full Detail package, and all our other packages, is the fact that we come to you! Our auto detailing Austin experts bring their dirt wrangling tools wherever you are so you never have to leave home or work just to get your car detailed.

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