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The exterior of your vehicle can be a playground for all sorts of crazy animals. Have you ever walked out to your car in the morning to discover that owl you heard all night long has apparently decided to leave a little white present on your windshield, right in the middle of your line of vision? Are there maybe tiny little footprints on the roof of your car from some little nighttime prowler? Probably that little masked bandit you’ve seen rummaging around in your trash bins if you had to take a guess. All kinds of animals can have a party on and around your car without you even knowing it until you take a peek when you come out of work or go to your car in the morning to run errands. That’s where we come in. Our team of mobile auto detailing Austin specialists is great at wrangling up the dirt and grime caused by your little friends messing around with your car. 

For our exterior detail package, our Austin car detailing experts come to you, wherever you are. Whether you are at work or play, at your place of business, or your home, our team can bring our dirt wrangling tools to you! 

Our Exterior Detail Package starts with a total scrub down for every visible car body surface that is gentle enough to keep your vehicle safe from scratches but intense enough to get out all those pesky footprints and little presents from the neighborhood birds. Once your vehicle has enjoyed a complete soap-up and relaxing spray-down, our mobile detail Austin dirt wranglers gently hand dry your vehicle with a microfiber towel to protect that fancy paint job from any scratches that can be caused by a rough drying cloth. 

Exterior Detail starting at $199.99

Our Exterior Detail goes further than just wiping down your car and drying it off and saying go. We aren’t like an automatic car wash where you drive up and get some soap on your car that is scrubbed in by some weird-looking brushes and rinsed off with a tidal wave from the ceiling sprayers. We take time with your vehicle to ensure a complete clean every time. That is why our Exterior Detail package also includes a thorough cleaning for your door jambs to wrangle whatever mud found its way onto your car from your shoes after stepping in that puddle earlier that day and any grease or other residue on there as well. Our auto detail Austin TX experts will also tackle the dirt and grease on your tires and wheel wells with an extensive cleaning and degreasing, before adding on a protective treatment to those areas to help prevent drying and cracking that can decrease performance and cause major problems down the road. Before we call your Exterior Detail complete your vehicle will also receive a proper, streak-free cleaning for its windows and other glass surfaces. 

Call us today to see just what our team of dirt wrangling detailing specialists can do! We are here for you for all your car detailing needs. Don’t forget, we come to you! 

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